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This site is for those who diligently seek the Way of Life, and who choose to prepare themselves for the arrival of the Bridegroom.

The central focus of this site is the Good News of the Kingdom of God, including Yahuweh’s plan of salvation offered freely to those who choose to be saved by Faith – by the shed blood of the Lamb of God, who was crucified on the place called Calvary.

The goal of this site is to proclaim the simplicity of the Gospel according to the Scriptures, and to direct seekers to search the Scriptures daily for themselves, as did the Bereans, to see whether these things are so (Acts 17:11).

Certain prophetic keys and details are given that will assist some Readers in their own personal preparation for the appearing of the Bridegroom. Others may find these writings helpful in their endurance through the furnace of the times that are almost upon us.

These studies have been written hastily from notes taken during an extended time in the wilderness. Due to time constraints, these studies appear only in abbreviated format, using mostly Scripture references, with some explanation for clarity. It is hoped that in time, if the Bridegroom tarries, more detail may be offered in these pages.

These writings are not intended to put condemnation on anyone. Neither are they intended to promote myself or any group. They are presented simply to provide a practical preparation guideline for those who yearn to be among the Bride, and to help us to see where we are in time.

Our desire is that the Reader would first pray for understanding, as did David of old, and as Jeremiah, for enlightenment by the Holy Spirit:

Open thou mine eyes, that I may behold wondrous things out of thy Law (Torah). (Psalms 119:18)

Call unto me, and I will answer thee, and show thee great and mighty things, which thou knowest not. (Jeremiah 33:3)

As Bible Believers, there is yet much preparation the Bride must undergo to become ready for the Bridegroom, but there is precious little time. There is much hidden treasure to be found buried within the Scriptures that will provide immense wealth of preparation to the Reader. May every one of us find Gold, Silver, and Precious Stones within the Scriptures!


Introduction – Goal, Site Purpose, and Use of Names – The Scriptures are alive with prophetic meanings for our day (the ‘now-for-today’ meaning for us). These messages are “hidden in plain sight” in the Bible for Yahuweh’s people to find. They point to Yahushua as ‘The Way’ and they enable us to prepare ‘The Way’ in our hearts and lives. A brief explanation of the use of Biblical names of the Father, and of the Son.

Overviews – Some of the Plans and Purposes of Yahuweh – The Scriptures portray many pictures and examples of Yahuweh’s plans and purposes, hidden within various words and events of Scripture. Yahuweh has purposely hidden many of these things for us to seek, and to find, in order that we be fully furnished, and prepared. A few of these overviews are presented here.

  • The Good News! – There is both Good News and Bad News, but the Good News has cancelled the Bad News, for all who believe.
  • The 3-Fold Harvest – This Study is an overview of the Harvest, and reading this first will give proper perspective to all the others. The Husbandman awaits the harvest now ripening. This study is an overview of the One Harvest of Yahuweh’s people, and how it occurs in three separate phases. The timing of each phase is revealed in the three Harvest Feasts of Yahuweh.
  • The Two Witnesses of Devarim – By Brick Parrish – An overview of the offer of Betrothal and the eternal Marriage Agreement between Yahweh and His people. The present-day testimony of Heaven and Earth, and what these Two Witnesses reveal.
  • Things Your Pastor Never Told You About the Early Church Fathers – A brief historical account of how the Biblical practices and celebrations of the Born-Again Believers were first outlawed, then snuffed-out, being replaced by man-made religious practices and celebrations. Today however, we are seeing the Truths of the early Biblical teachings and practices being restored, just as promised in the Scriptures!
  • The Father Seeks a Bride for His Son: Betrothal Secrets – Questions of closed eyes, hidden sayings, and teaching in Parables can be explained by observing how the Father seeks for, and selects a Bride for His Son. A look at a few of the many features of the Bride’s Betrothal, including the ‘seal’ or earnest of her Betrothal; how the Bridegroom’s appointed days are seen as courting encounters, and as evidence of Messiah-in-you, and in whose participation the Bride is identified to the Father who is seeking a Bride for His Son. Includes details of certain Covenant items found in the Wedding of the King’s Son Parable.
  • The Wedding of the King’s Son (A Parable) – A parable of the Overall purposes of the King, and how He determines which of the Bride Candidates are to be chosen; A look at both groups, as they undergo their preparation for the heavenly Wedding, as revealed in all of Scripture, and as revealed in the astonishing, and magnificent, nature of the New Covenant.

Who is the Bridegroom? – Scriptures reveal who the true Bridegroom is, and how He can be recognized.

Who is the Bride? – There are many pictures of both the False Bride and the True Bride, to be seen throughout Scripture, for our learning and example. In this section the qualities and characteristics of the True Bride are presented, as revealed in Scripture, in various personalities and groups of people.

  • Chavah (Eve) – The Book of Genesis reveals the overall plan of Yahuweh for taking out a Bride for Himself.
  • Elijah & Elisha – One prophetic view of the Bride’s planning and preparation, as well as many Bride characteristics and features, can be seen in Elijah and Elisha.
  • The Lepers of 2Kings 7 – The Lepers in 2Kings exhibit many Bride characteristics to be seen in our day.
  • Gideon’s Army – Yahuweh’s plan of calling and separating of the Bride Candidates out from the larger group can be seen in the prophetic example of Gideon’s Army.
  • Ruth & Boaz – Further Bride characteristics and prophetic truths can be seen in the example of Ruth and Boaz.
  • Joshua & Caleb – Joshua and Caleb “together” reveal the only ones allowed to enter the Promised Land.
  • Esther: The Bride Makes Herself Ready – The Fascinating story of the various people seen in the Book of Esther, and how they portray various people today who either help, or oppose, the Bride. We see the King, and his kingdom; and Haman as a leader, who brings error into the King’s household; and the Queen Vashti, who refuses the King’s Commandment; the Wise Men; the Seven chamberlains; and Esther, who portrays the Bride in her preparation.
  • The Woman of Proverbs 31 – This last chapter of Proverbs is rich in Bride characteristics and features.
  • Bride Covering Principles: The Torah Basis for the Woman’s Head Covering – Yahuweh’s requirements for covering His Glory. The Bride is identified by her covering.

The Preparation of the Bride – Scripture reveals various aspects of the Bride’s preparation, which is accomplished by the Holy Spirit, and with the cooperation of the Bride.

  • The Making of an Overcomer: (Part 1) The Wrestling of Rachel – In the messages addressed to the called-out people in the 7 cities in Revelation, all the promises are for those who overcome. A look at some Scripture showing the issues of contention today, and how Born-Again Believers are exhorted to prevail, and overcome. A look at Rachel, as an example of the Bride, for our learning.
  • The Making of an Overcomer: (Part 2) The Wrestling of Jacob – A continuation of Part 1, showing more Scripture on becoming an Overcomer. A look at Jacob who, after he prevailed, received both a Blessing, and a new name. Jacob is seen as an example to all Born-Again Believers who desire to overcome and prevail, that they might receive the promises stated in Revelation chapters 2 and 3.
  • The Bride Makes Herself Ready – There is much preparation to be done before the Bride is considered “Ready” to go in to the presence of the Bridegroom. An overview of How and when the Bride becomes prepared for her Bridegroom.
  • How Does the Bride Prepare? – A detailed look at how the Bride prepares herself for the Bridegroom. This preparation is related to the preparation the Wise Virgins undergo, that separates them from the foolish.
  • The New Covenant Passover: A Mystery – Scripture reveals many items of Great Importance regarding the New Covenant Passover, all vital to the Bride’s Preparation; Descriptions and Links to latest Passover Articles dealing with these issues.
  • The New Covenant Passover – An overview of Passover from the Bride’s perspective – how participation in Passover is the first and foremost item of preparation for the ‘First-Born’ of Israel: The Bridegroom as Firstborn of many brethren, and the Bride Company as a kind of firstfruits of the entire harvest of Believers.
  • The Wise and Foolish Virgins – Based on the Parable in Matthew 25. A look at what Scripture reveals as the real differences between the Wise and Foolish Virgins, with a warning for those desiring to be wise.
  • The Wise and Foolish Virgins: The Separation of the Wise – Based on the Parable in Matthew 25, and the Wisdom Verses of Scripture. The Scriptures reveal a 2-step process of separation from the multitudes, for those who would grow in Wisdom. Many Scriptures show a contrast between the Wise and the Foolish, so that those who seek Wisdom may know exactly what they may choose to do, in order to prepare for the arrival of the Bridegroom.
  • The Wise and Foolish: According to Yahushua – The words of Yahushua spoken in the Gospels tell us in clear terms who is wise, and who is foolish, but we have simply not understood what He was telling us. Yahushua is now calling us to return to being “DO-ers” of His word, according to the examples seen in His life, and in the life of the apostle Paul, and according to the words of all the Prophets.
  • The Wise and Foolish Virgins: Steps to Obtaining Wisdom – The Scriptures are full of instructions for those who would gain Wisdom. A brief overview of Scriptures that show characteristics of Wisdom, and of the Fear of Yahuweh, and of Knowing Yahuweh, and how we might gain each of these qualities as our own.
  • Contending for The Faith – We are exhorted to contend, to fight to remain in The Faith that was originally given. Scripture shows what The Faith is, why we must contend for The Faith, and how we are to contend. Overview of how the adversary attacks the foundation of The Faith. Examples of contending for The Faith.
  • Are You in The Faith? Examine Yourselves: The Simple Scripture Test – Continuation of Contending for The Faith. We are warned to examine ourselves, to test ourselves, to see if we are “in The Faith.” Scripture tells us what the test is, and clearly reveals the examples for us to imitate, and by which we may test whether we are in The Faith.
  • Righteousness as the Light – Based on the Parable in Matthew 25. A brief look at how Scripture reveals Light as the result of the Wise Virgins having Oil in their Lamps, and no Light as the result of the Foolish having no Oil. A warning is given for those today desiring to have Oil and Light.
  • Oil for the Light – Based on the Parable in Matthew 25. A detailed look at Scripture that reveals exactly what the Oil for the Lamps is, and what it is NOT, for our warning today.
  • Those Who Sell Oil – Based on the Parable in Matthew 25. A brief look at the Oil, and who are those today that continue to “Sell the Oil” to the Foolish Virgins. This writing is a warning to the bride, so she might avoid these Dealers of the “Anointing.”
  • Adornments For The Bride — True and False: Jewelry, Piercings & Tattoos – The Scriptures describe two kinds of adornment — those God desires for His people to have, and those His people are to avoid. As adornments of a Bride, they describe either the True Bride or the False Bride. Scripture reveals the relationship of jewelry, tattoos, and body piercings to bondage. Adornments of the True Bride and the False Bride are compared.

Warnings For the Bride – There are many warnings given to the Bride, alerting her to those things that could hinder her preparation, and things that could prevent her entering in to the Kingdom. For each warning given in Scripture, we are given a list of consequences for not heeding the warning, as well as the corresponding remedy.

  • A Way That Seems Right: Avoiding the Strong Delusion  New! – The importance of forsaking the worldly wisdom of Egypt; warning of spiritual counterfeits, spiritual mixtures of true and false; the Scriptures as the standard for testing spiritual matters; Indicators of walking in darkness, and some popular examples of spiritual darkness and occult practices that should be avoided.
  • The Book of Revelation: A Prophetic Overview – What is the purpose of the Book of Revelation- and to whom was it written? A look at the wording of Revelation tells us that it was written to the Bride, for the purpose of warning her of hidden “spots and wrinkles,” as she goes about preparing for the Bridegroom; and to give her vision, hope, and encouragement during a critical time period.
  • The Error of Balaam – One of the hidden “spots and wrinkles” issues revealed in the Book of Revelation is the Error of Balaam, a poisonous infection that progresses to become the Doctrine of Balaam. We will discover in this detailed writing that the Error of Balaam is NOT greed, as many have been told. We will look first at the warning of the Doctrine of Balaam given in Revelation, and then we will see in detail what Scripture reveals about the Error of Balaam, so that we might remove it from our lives.
  • The Doctrine of Balaam Today: A Warning to the Bride Major Item!  – The Book of Revelation is warning the Bride today against the “Doctrine of Balaam,” which is now being discovered as the Bride prepares for the Bridegroom. A brief overview of what this Doctrine is, and how it has been embraced by most Believers today. A brief look at how the initial Error of Balaam progresses to the Way of Balaam, and finally becomes the Doctrine of Balaam, bringing a plague on entire congregations. A look at examples of the crippling effects of the Doctrine of Balaam, and how Yahuweh will fight against all who continue to hold this error.
  • Eating Things Sacrificed Unto Idols: A Warning to the Bride Major Item!  – The Bridegroom gives a Double-Warning to the Bride. One of the most common reasons the Bridegroom will “have a few things against” His people is the widespread practice of (unknowingly) eating things sacrificed unto idols. An examination of Scripture reveals what this is, what causes it, and how we might repent of this Sin.
  • The Strange Woman: A Warning to the Bride – The Light of the Scriptures has removed the cloak hiding the wiles of the enemy, who has used the Strange Woman, seen throughout Scripture, to bring a subtle and great deception upon Yahuweh’s people. This Strange Woman has quietly deceived, and taken captive much of the Evangelical World, and is promoting a very subtle, counterfeit ‘New Covenant’ that looks much like the true New Covenant of Scripture. The Scriptural antidote to guard against this deception and captivity is given. Features of the Strange Woman are summarised, to help the Bride-Candidates discern the man-made, false Covenant, from the Scriptural, true Covenant. Scriptures reveal how treading the path of a false ‘New Covenant’ affects the promised inheritance.
  • Entering the Kingdom: The Two Love Tests – Not everyone that says, “Lord, Lord” will enter the Kingdom, but only those who “do”…. Scripture is clear that there will be final exams given, in order to test each one who would desire to enter. Yahushua tells us what these tests are, so that we might study the material, and perhaps pass the test when it comes.
  • Who is the Chaste Virgin? – The Scriptures portray the betrothed Bride as a Chaste Virgin. The Bridegroom has a plan for the Bride: that she might remain chaste. The serpent also has a plan for the Bride: to remove her chaste condition by various forms of corruption. Scriptures reveal what it means to be chaste; and gives us warning of the kinds of corruption to avoid, and the antidote for these corruptions, in order to remain chaste.
  • Graven Images and Idols: What Your Pastor Never Told You About The Second Commandment  Major Item!  – A look at the Second Commandment, and how Yahuweh defines idols. A look at New testament warnings against idols and idolatry, and how believers today are unknowingly bringing curses into their homes. A brief overview of how these items affect New Covenant Believers, for our warning.
  • Graven Images and Idols: the Scriptural Definition  Major Item!  – A closer look at the Second Commandment, and how Scripture defines Idols and Graven Images, and their differences. A brief review and further details of how these items affect New Covenant Believers, for our warning.

Stepping Stones for the Bride: The Feasts of Yahuweh – The Feasts [Appointed Times or moedim] of Yahuweh, seen in Leviticus chapter 23, are special times of assembly for all of Yahuweh’s people, and serve as stepping-stones in our walking with the Bridegroom in the Way of Righteousness.

  • The Feasts of Yahuweh – An Overview – Introduction (Part 1) (Coming soon) – An overview of the Feasts [Appointed Times or moedim] of Yahuweh. Beginning with the weekly Sabbath, these days are appointed to be times of instruction, fellowship, and rejoicing among Yahuweh’s children, and give us opportunity to come to know our Abba Father, and for Him to come to know us. Rich in prophetic meaning, the Feasts of Yahuweh also serve as a kind of ‘filter,’ to further screen-out those Bride-Candidates who are not willing to follow Yahushua’s example of obedience.
  • The New Covenant Passover: A Mystery – Among the Appointed Times or moedim of Yahuweh in Leviticus chapter 23, Passover is not listed as a Great or High Sabbath day, but its practice initiates and gives meaning to all the subsequent annual Sabbaths of Yahuweh. Yahuweh’s purpose for Passover, and the Scriptural timing of Passover, are both part of the ‘mystery’ of Messiah, in that they are not easily seen, but have been hidden for the Bride to seek, to find, and to practice. Scripture reveals many items of Great Importance regarding the New Covenant Passover, all vital to the Bride’s Preparation; Includes Descriptions and Links to all Passover Articles on this site.
  • The New Covenant Passover – An overview of Passover from the Bride’s perspective – how participation in Passover is the primary item of preparation for the ‘First-Born’ of Israel: The Bridegroom as Firstborn of many brethren, and the Bride Company as a kind of firstfruits of the entire harvest of Believers.
  • When Do We Eat the Passover Supper, According to Scripture?  New! – Today we are rapidly undergoing the promised ‘Restitution of all things,’ in which the restoring of the true timing of Passover plays a major part. But how do we determine the Biblical timing of the Passover Supper? The Torah and the Testimony of Messiah both reveal the timing of the Passover Memorial supper.
  • Timing of Biblical Passover Meal Revealed By Comparing Torah Requirements – By comparing the Passover Torah Requirements to those for the Feast of Unleavened, we can see a vivid revelation of the prescribed, exact timing for the Biblical Passover meal, giving us new understanding of the events surrounding Messiah’s crucifixion.
  • Passover: Seven Days or One Day? – When we follow Rabbinic Tradition of Passover instead of Scripture, we fall into disobedience. We fail to celebrate Messiah’s Passover, for Rabbinic Tradition does not celebrate Passover, but only Unleavened (Luke 22:1) — which [by Tradition] is called Passover! When we misunderstand certain prophetic statements regarding the Passover, we distort the Biblical picture of Passover; When we choose to acknowledge Messiah’s words and example, the Biblical Passover picture becomes clear.

School of the Prophets: Prophetic Signposts in Light of the Scriptures – Yahuweh has provided many Biblical signposts along the way. These hidden signs in the Earth and in the heavens reveal and confirm the Scriptures, and tell us where we are in His timetable — and are given for the preparation and encouragement of the Bride. Taken together, these signs reveal the remarkable, promised Testimony of Heaven and Earth, and they are for our learning.

  • Things to Come – The Source of Understanding, and its purpose and end results are revealed. The Scriptures tell us who has it, and who does not – and how we might find “Understanding.”
  • Prophetic Events – The Bridegroom has hidden many prophetic events for the Bride to see, in our daily lives, and throughout Scripture. These events are for the purpose of giving messages to the Bride, for her growth and encouragement. All such messages point back to Scripture as the test for authenticity.
  • Prophetic Numbers In Scripture – The Bridegroom is revealing many of the “now” or prophetic meanings of Scripture, that have been hidden away within the numbers in Scripture. These numbers and their meanings reveal the prophetic meaning of Scripture, and also confirm and authenticate the plain-sense meaning of Scripture.
  • Prophetic Words In Scripture – The Eyes of Yahuweh’s people are beginning to open, and to see many new treasures the Bridegroom has “hidden away” in the Scriptures, for the Bride to seek out, and to find. Some of these treasures are the “now” or prophetic meanings of Scripture Words, that allow the Bride to clearly see the path that will allow her to enter in to the Promised Land. Cautions are given, that two or 3 witnesses are still required to establish any word or matter.
  • Bridegroom and Bride Signs in the Heavens!- The Bridegroom has placed certain signs in the night sky for all the Bride-Candidates to see. Just as the Star of Bethlehem announced the first arrival of Messiah, in the same way these celestial signs reveal clues to the timing of the Bridegroom’s return for the Bride. These signs have already been seen in great detail in the heavens! The Scriptures list specific signs in the heavens that announce the Father’s inspection of the Bride, the Bridegroom’s arrival for the Bride, the taking-away or resurrection of the Bride, the beginning of the Furnace testing of the Believers, and the subsequent resurrection of the Believers.
  • More Bride Signs in the Heavens! – These additional Bride signs in the heavens are occurring simultaneous to the other Bride Signs in the Heavens! These signs appear to confirm Scriptures not yet considered, but that can now be seen as parallel signs, and bringing further confirmation. These signs bring clarity to certain Scriptures, and have great implications for the Greater Body of Messiah.
  • Heavenly Signs and Day-Counts – Signs in the heavens occurring on Biblically-significant dates give new insight into various day-counts seen in scripture. The 1260 days and 1290 days are now coming into view, with confirming signs in the heavens.
  • A New Sign in the Heavens: The Last Day – There is a new sign in the heavens that appears annually, similar to the description seen in Song of Solomon, where the Bridegroom knocks on the door, but backs away, only to return later, possibly an indicator of the time Bride is to be taken in Resurrection. This sign occurs in 2009 as early as the ‘Last Day’ of the seventh Biblical month, and infrequently on the Last Day of the seventh Biblical month in subsequent years.
  • The Twins of Song of Solomon – The Scriptures tell of another prophetic “Bride” sign in the heavens, which can now be seen in the heavens!

Watching: The Day and the Hour – Scriptures tell the Bride what signs to look for. The testimony of Heaven and Earth reveal both the ‘what’ and the ‘when’ of the Bride’s resurrection.

  • The Tenth Day – The Scriptural Significance of the Tenth Day.
  • The 4200th Verse – A look at the highly-prophetic 4200th verses of both Old and New Testaments, and how they portray the Bride’s resurrection.
  • The Iron Gate Will Open Soon – This is a link to a well-written article by Bob Schlenker at, revealing the prophetic picture of the Bride’s resurrection, as seen in the account of Peter in Acts Chapter 12.

Entering the Promised Land – An overview of Scripture, and the words of Yahushua, on how we may enter in, and how we may not enter in, depending on our choices. Includes detailed, clear and simple instructions by Yahushua, and New Testament warnings given for our instruction.

  • The Promised Land-How to Enter In: The Words of Yahushua – The words of Yahushua, and indeed all the Scriptures, give us clear and pointed instruction on how New Covenant Believers must first come out by the Blood, and then enter in by obedience, all by Grace. Detailed examples are given from Scripture.
  • The Promised Land: Choosing to Enter In – The entire Scriptures reveal the great plan of Yahuweh, whereby we are given freedom to choose whom we will serve, and then may choose to enter in, by His Grace, or we may choose not to enter in, depending on all our choices. New Testament “Warnings” are given for our instruction.

Whom Do You Say That I Am? – A Scriptural review of our testing, and of whether or not we “know” the Bridegroom. Many Scriptural issues and warnings for us to use to examine ourselves, to see just where we are in our knowing Him, and in our obedience level. Many warnings and examples of Scripture, and tests of our “doctrines” reveal whom we say Yahushua is.

  • What Is His Name, and What Is His Son’s Name — If You can Tell? – A riddle is presented in the Proverbs, challenging us to search the Scriptures for the hidden, true names of the Father, and the Son. Some examples of how the Bereans searched the Scriptures to verify the teachings of the apostle Paul, are used to find the true names of the Father and the Son.
  • The Test for Entering In – Not everyone will be allowed to enter the City of the King, so everyone must be tested to see whether they are authorised to enter. Many Scriptures reveal testing we undergo each day, in order to determine who we are, by our demonstrating of whom we say Yahushua is.
  • From the Beginning – Have we known Him from the Beginning? What are “My” commandments? What are “My” sayings? We must determine who He is, in order to determine what His sayings are.
  • Messiah In The Wilderness – Who is Yahushua? Do we know Him? Do we love Him? Yahushua is now testing us, to see whether we know Him, and love Him, by observing which Commandments we keep.
  • Messiah-In-You – Discerning His will; Doctrines and Commandments of Men prevent us from entering His rest; allowing Messiah-in-you to bring us in.
  • Entering His Rest: Biblical Requirements and Hindrances – Biblical Requirements for, and Hindrances to, entering His rest; labouring to enter His rest; shows how men are stealing our inheritance, by the Doctrines of Men that we have learned.
  • Our Greatest Hindrance: The Doctrines and Commandments of Men – Doctrines of Men and Dogma; Commandments of Men, that turn men away from the truth; modern-day examples; Yahushua and the Disciples as our examples of Truth.
  • Let No Man Steal Your Crown – Reveals there are men today trying to take away, and steal your Bridal veil, and your crown; things that allow your crown to be stolen; the Doctrine of Balaam, and how it will steal your crown.
  • The Mystery of His Will – The “mystery” of His Will; The mystery of His Delight; signs of knowing Yahushua.

The Way of Salvation: According to the Scriptures – The Scriptures reveal a picture of Salvation that is different from what many today have understood. Salvation in Scripture is seen as a 3-fold process, and as two separate stages. The example of coming out of Egypt, and entering into the Promised Land, all according to Yahuweh’s Grace, is seen as one great example of Salvation for us today.

  • The Good News! – There is both Good News and Bad News, but the Good News has cancelled the Bad News, for all who believe!
  • How Do I Receive God’s Forgiveness for My Sins? – According to the Bible, forgiveness of sins does not come from keeping the commandments, nor by being good, nor by becoming religious, nor by our good deeds — no matter how many or how good they might be! The Bible reveals the simple solution to how we are forgiven of our sins.
  • After Forgiveness: The Next Step – After receiving forgiveness of our sins, and after being Born-Again — What is our Next Step? Father has shown us our destination, our goal, and has shown us in Scripture what steps to take to arrive at our goal. Taking these three steps seen in Scripture will enable us to know who Messiah is, and will show us how we may truly believe Him, walk with Him, abide [‘remain’] in Him, and ultimately enter in with Him.
  • What Must I Do to Be Saved? (Coming soon)
  • The Blood of the Lamb  – By Derek Prince – An excellent, brief overview of the Scriptures on the Blood of the Lamb, and its absolute necessity for New Covenant Salvation. A Scripture review of Redemption, Forgiveness, Cleansing, Justification, and Sanctification, and how the Blood of Messiah accomplishes these in the life of the Believer today. The Good News of the gospel is that through Yahushua’s death on the cross, He defeated Satan on our behalf in two primary ways. First, He made it possible for us to obtain forgiveness of past sin. Second, He made it possible for us to receive God’s righteousness by faith without having to observe the law—thus depriving Satan of his chief weapon against us, which is guilt.
  • Salvation: According to the Scriptures – Part 1 – The Scriptures reveal a clear and simple message of Salvation. The Scriptures reveal to us exactly what Salvation is, and what it is not. In this series we will look at some of the highlights of Salvation, according to the Scriptures. Salvation in the New Testament include the meanings of deliverance, rescue, safety, and preservation of life. Many today, however, ascribe additional Bible concepts to the word Salvation, thereby mixing concepts and doctrines, resulting in error and confusion. The solution for this is to get back to Scripture, and to use Bible words to define Bible concepts.
  • Salvation: According to the Scriptures – Part 2 – In order to help us examine ourselves, to see if we are in the Faith, we must have a good understanding of true “Biblical” Salvation. The New Testament refers many times to Israel as our example, and for our warning. We must therefore find out what these New Testament warnings are, and why they are so important for us today. We must look to all of Scripture, where we get an “eye-opening” view of what New Covenant Salvation is, and what it is not.
  • The Way of Salvation: Parts 1 & 2 Combined – Parts 1 & 2 (above) combined in one document.

Truth: According to the Scriptures – One of the most important Biblical concepts we must grasp. Truth is determined only by Scripture, and the error of the Doctrines of Men can be seen only against the backdrop of Scripture.

  • Seven Biblical Guidelines for Studying the Bible: Using Scripture to Interpret the Scriptures  New! – What is the source of our current understanding of the Bible? The pure Truths of Scripture are of highest importance — how we understand the Scriptures will affect our eternal condition! To avoid being deceived by man-made doctrines, we must not rely on Preachers, Teachers, Bible notes or commentaries. Instead we must study and understand the Bible for ourselves — not looking through the lenses of tradition or man-made Bible study methods — but relying only on what the Bible actually says about how to study and understand the Scriptures! Here are 7 Biblical Guidelines that show us the way!
  • The Bible: An Inconvenient Message – How do we respond to the Truth of the Scriptures? Do we bend ourselves to fit the Scriptures – or do we bend the Scriptures to fit ourselves? A frank look at these two fundamental choices, the characteristics of those who embrace each choice, and the end result of each choice.
  • The Way of Truth: According to the Scriptures – Truth is seen in Scripture not as an abstract, mental idea, but as the living person of Yahushua. It is only when we allow Messiah-in-us to walk in His own Truth, that Truth is made manifest to us, and we then walk in the Light. Scripture reveals the consequences of walking in Truth, and of NOT walking in Truth.
  • What You Believe: True or False? The Simple Biblical Test – Testing Belief Against Scripture – Is your current belief according to Scripture? Or, is it a mixture of truth and church Tradition – the Teaching and Doctrines of Men? A simple Biblical test will determine. Man’s perception of Scriptural Truth is what determines his actions, his daily walk with Yahuweh, and even his eternal destiny. Thus many today have placed their eternal destinies in the hands of a few Pastors and Theologians.
  • WWYD – What Would Yahushua Do? – The simplest test of what we should do in every aspect of life, to enable us to determine “Truth” and to enable us to “enter in” to the Promised Land. Shows Yahushua as our example in all things.

Foundations of The Faith – Scriptures reveal the foundations of the Faith, surprisingly different from what most of us have learned. At least Two or three witnesses of Scripture, and the words of the Prophets, confirm these Truths for us today.

  • Faith: According to the Scriptures – Biblical Faith is not some vague idea, nor is it merely a mental agreement to the facts of Scripture. The Bible gives many illustrations of Biblical Faith, showing us what Biblical Faith is, and how we are to exercise this faith!
  • Sin: According to the Scriptures – Sin has been re-defined today by Theologians, as part of their Doctrines of Men they promote, and as a result, prevent many from entering in. Scriptures reveal the True, New Testament definition of Sin. A look at Bondage to Sin, and Yahuweh’s remedy for Sin. A look at the Mystery of Iniquity, and how it is rampant among Believers today. A brief look at the early generation of Israelites, and why they failed to enter in to the Promised Land; The words of Yahushua regarding iniquity today – reveal who will not “enter in.”
  • Law: According to the Scriptures (Coming soon) – Most Believers today are not taught the Scriptural, New Covenant Truth about the Law (‘Torah’) of Yahuweh, but are taught a man-made paradigm, or ‘spin’ of the Truth. Scripture plainly reveals exactly what it means to be ‘under’ the Law; and tells us plainly, what was against us, and what was done away with, and what was nailed to the cross. A look at Yahuweh’s two-fold, New Covenant purpose for the Law (‘Torah’). The richness of Torah understanding and practice can be seen in the writings of Paul, who uncovers some real gems of Truth for the Bride’s adornment today. A real eye-opener for all New Covenant Believers who desire to press in to truly know our Father, and who desire to fully prepare themselves to enter in to the Promised Land of their Inheritance.
  • True Grace – By David M Hargis – A very brief, but accurate overview of New Covenant Grace as used in the context of the majority of Scripture passages.
  • Grace: According to the Scriptures (Coming soon) – Grace is another term that has been re-defined by the Theologians, along with the word Sin, as an attempt to lend credibility to their Doctrines of Men. All the Scriptures, from Genesis to Revelation, prove conclusively what Grace actually is, and what it is not. The Believer’s full participation in the New Covenant can be limited by a non-Scriptural view of Yahuweh’s Grace. An in-depth look at Paul’s main theme reveals the warnings against receiving His Grace in vain, of falling from Grace, and of growing in Grace.
  • Righteousness: According to the Scriptures (Coming soon) – In order to understand Righteousness, one must lay down all the baggage carried from the past, including previously learned, religious-sounding, but man-made definitions. The Scriptures reveal the two-fold nature of righteousness, and how Messiah Yahushua accomplishes both stages within Man, by His Grace alone.
  • Repentance: The Good News of the Kingdom (Coming soon) – Repentance is almost an unknown entity today in many religious communities. Repentance as a requirement for New Covenant Believers is seen throughout the New Testament. A look at Scriptural examples of Repentance. A discussion of “Can’t Get Home Without it!” – how entrance into the Promised Land is impossible without Repentance.
  • Walking in Eternal Judgment – In Hebrews Chapter 6 we are encouraged to become proficient in all of the foundation stones of The Faith. As the last of the six foundation stones listed, eternal judgment is perhaps the one least understood, but vitally necessary, in order for Yahushua’s Bride to be permitted to go on unto completion. One of the main links in the chain of Yahuweh’s process of redemption and salvation, these Mishpatim of Yahuweh play a major role in the preparation of His Bride, and of leading her into the eternal inheritance.
  • What Are the Ten Commandments? – Also called The Ten Words, the Ten Commandments come alive with fresh meaning, when we look closely at what they actually say. These Scripture passages are shown in both Hebrew and English, enabling us to see for ourselves the words of these Commandments. When we as New Covenant Believers understand whose words they are, we can better know how to respond to them.
  • Commandments: Which Ones for New Testament Believers? (Coming soon) – A look at Commandments throughout Scriptures – and which ones are relevant for New Covenant Believers. A look at many new Testament examples, for our imitating, and our learning.
  • How to Avoid a Carnal Mind (Coming soon) – The New Testament reveals much about how to avoid a carnal mind, and how the carnal mind can actually prevent Yahuweh’s people from entering in to the Promised Land.
  • Our Only Hope of Glory (Coming soon) – Scriptures reveal our only hope of being among those called ‘My Glory’ is for us to allow Messiah-in-you to manifest Himself in us, in all His fullness. A look at many Scriptures and examples revealing facets of His fullness He expects of His Born-Again children. A brief look at some of the ways we have been taught to deny Him, and to prevent His fullness in us, for our warning.
  • Grace-Grace – The Two-Fold aspect of New Testament Grace, as revealed throughout the Old and New Testaments. Scripture reveals how our understanding of only one side of the two-sided coin of Grace has caused us to fall short of Yahuweh’s Righteousness. Yahushua, who is our Righteousness, is the first aspect of His Grace for our Righteousness. Both aspects of Yahuweh’s Grace, as seen in Zechariah 4, are required to bring us into His presence.
  • The New Covenant: According to the Scriptures – As part of Father’s Everlasting Covenant, is based upon the original Covenant made with Abraham; Eternal promises & provisions extended to the Seed; Israel in the Wilderness as our example; The Bondwoman and the Free woman; New Covenant provisions of Grace; Comparison of ‘Old’ vs. ‘New;’ Bondservant provisions of the Covenant; the exchange of Yokes and the Yoke of Messiah; Not under compulsion to obey, revealing Father’s Purpose of seeking a Bride for His Son.
  • New Covenant Liberty: Freedom to Choose – Many surprising, and astonishing features of the New Covenant are revealed in this in-depth look at the New Covenant, such as the Yoke of Bondage, the New Covenant Exchange of Yokes, and voluntary Bondservants; External vs. Internal tables of the heart, some hard sayings of Paul; and how one may continue to walk at Liberty.

The Congregation: The Tabernacle of the Testimony – Scriptures tell us that the Tabernacle of the Testimony was to be guarded carefully, that there be no wrath upon the children of Israel. Today, the Tabernacle of Testimony finds its fulfillment in the Believers in whom the Holy Spirit dwells, both as individuals, and as a Congregation. Thus it is, that the Congregation is to play an important part of Yahuweh’s Testimony, revealing the light of the Life of Messiah to Israel and to all the nations.

  • The Holy Spirit in the Congregation – By Derek Prince – An excellent overview of how the Congregation is to be set in order, that it might shine the Light of the Life of Messiah to all who are present. The balance of the Holy Spirit and Truth will restore the congregational Lampstand to its intended brightness. A strong word, not for the complacent, intended only for those who desire to lead their Congregations to press on further into Father’s presence.
  • The Midrash: A Messianic Substitute for the Holy Spirit in the Congregation  – The tradition of the midrash as seen in Judaism and in many Messianic congregations, is shown in vivid contrast to the Scriptural model of the Holy Spirit in the Congregation. The current popular use of the midrash to interpret Scripture in the assembly instead of the Biblical Holy Spirit model, can result in lack of spiritual nourishment, stunted spiritual growth, and eventual falling away of many. The apostles Paul and Peter show us by their examples, how correct interpretation of Scripture is attained.

Growing in Grace – Scriptural Principles are discussed, and guidance given, for those who desire to grow in Grace and in the knowledge of the Master, and who long for the appearing of the Bridegroom.

  • Growing Up In Messiah  New! – We are commanded to Grow in grace, and in the knowledge of our Lord and Saviour; but maturing or “growing up” is a choice we must make; Discusses the importance of maturing, and the importance of the words we speak; How to grow in Grace; Indicators that tell us whether or not we are growing up.
  • Just the Facts Ma’am: Help For Growing in Grace  New! – We are called to walk by faith, not by sight; but when we make decisions based on feelings, rather than the facts of the Scriptures, we fail to walk by faith. Instead, we fail to grow in Grace, and fail to mature. Five Basic Facts of Scripture that help us to walk by faith, and to grow in Grace.
  • A Check-up For Well-Being  New! – According to Scripture, our well-being is tied to how we obey the 5th commandment; when we resist the authority of parents, we resist Yahuweh himself. A look at Yahuweh’s purpose for authorities in our life, and some ways to show honour to our Parents, as a help for us to obey the 5th Commandment.
  • Acquiring A Teachable Heart – Growing into His image, from Glory to Glory, requires laying down our own understanding, in exchange for His understanding. Yahushua is our example, for growing in maturity and in obedience, and in how we may acquire a heart attitude of a Little Child.
  • Dying to Self – Brief list of practical examples of how we experience “dying to self.” In order for resurrection Life to occur, we must first undergo this death of self in all areas of our life. As we allow the cross to bring crucifixion, we then experience the power of His resurrection.
  • Obeying Torah is Not About Salvation New! – Many Believers today are sensing the inner promptings of the Holy Spirit to begin to obey Torah. They are discovering from Scripture, that obeying Torah is not about achieving righteousness or salvation; but is instead about learning to walk as Messiah walked, learning to walk in holiness, and learning to love Messiah in the way He has told us.
  • The King’s Daughter: An Outward Reflection of An Inward Glory – An article by my Wife. The Outward reflects the Inward. Looks at the women’s clothing, as befitting the daughters of the King, and how our manner of dress should reflect who we are inwardly.

Feeding the Master’s Flock – As the Bride-Candidates undergo their preparation, they begin to understand that they are to pass on the mantle of instruction to others, and to feed the Master’s little Flock. Here are some prophetic pictures from Scripture that show exactly what their spiritual food is, and how it is to be prepared and served to the Master’s household.

Final Preparations – Last-Minute Check List for the Bride, and a different Check List for the remaining Believers, who might find themselves unprepared when the master’s Servant comes for the Bride.

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“If therefore thou shalt not watch, I will come on thee as a thief,
and thou shalt not know what hour I will come upon thee.” (Rev 3:3)

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