Last-Minute Preparations: Details for Remaining Believers

Last-Minute Preparations: Details for Remaining Believers

The Way Prepared

Many have been watching for the Bridegroom and His messengers. Like Rebekah, many are on the lookout for the Master’s Servant to approach, having ten camels loaded with gifts and provision, and ten servants to assist in bringing the Bride to her final destination.

Rebekah was one who remained in a state of readiness, so that when the Servant came, she was ready to leave. Had she not been ready, she would not be able to leave with the Servant.

This short writing is addressed to those Believers who may not be ready when the Master’s Servant arrives.

Many today who call themselves Believers fall into this category. Many believe in Yahushua, but have been deceived by their leaders, who have taught them a non-Biblical understanding of Messiah’s Covenant, and of His Grace. The Believers have been redeemed by Messiah’s shed Blood, and having begun repentance, have received His forgiveness.

These have received His Grace, but because of the deceit they have been taught, they refuse to allow Messiah to know them (Jeremiah 9:6; 1Cor 8:3; John 14:15), and thus prevent Messiah from producing the fruit of Righteousness within them (Isaiah 26:10; Php 1:11).

As a result they actively refuse Messiah, by not allowing Him to live within them, to walk in obedience to the Torah, just as Messiah did on earth 2,000 years ago, when He was in His own body. They do not celebrate the Bread and Wine of Passover, but instead practice a counterfeit [‘substitute’] Passover initiated by the Daughter of Babylon.

The tradition of a man-made, substitute Passover began through the decrees of Rome, and is is called by many ‘The Lord’s Supper’ or ‘Communion.’ another result is that they refuse to keep Messiah’s Sabbaths, and though they are His children, they are considered evil-doers who practice iniquity [‘Lawlessness’], of whom Messiah will say in that day [the Bride-selection day], “I never knew you” (Matt 7:23).

But these can take heart! According to the Bible, they have been as disobedient children, but yet they are still Messiah’s own children; He will not cast them away! They will first be chastened, then will be received at a later time (Psalms 89:27-33). There are several harvests of Yahuweh’s people, and the harvest that is not ready in the first phase, may become ready in the next.

The critical item of one’s readiness is seen in many Scriptures, and can be summed up in the following passage:

Watch ye therefore, and pray always, that ye may be accounted worthy to escape all these things that shall come to pass, and to stand before the Son of man. (Luke 21:36)

The Bridegroom’s carrying away of the Bride-company appears to occur almost concurrent with these things that Yahushua mentioned in the preceding passages, and summed up in verse 36 above.

The word watch in the passage is keyed to one of many Hebrew words for watch, and includes keeping or observing, as keeping or observing of all of Yahuweh’s Ways, found throughout Scripture, and includes all His Commandments — His Sabbaths, Ordinances, Laws, and Judgments, or mishpatim. Many who miss out on the first Harvest phase will miss for this reason, for they have broken the provisions of the Everlasting Covenant, and in doing so, have refused to abide (‘remain’) in Messiah (Heb 13:20; Isaiah 24:5; John 15:9-10). These will be taken in a later part of the Harvest.

The Bride is chosen, then taken by the Bridegroom, simply because she passed the first Love Test given in Scripture—she kept all His Commandments (John 14:15).

The Remaining Believers will now be given the opportunity to pass the second Love Test—to “Lay down ones life for his friends” (John 15:13).

Beloved, if you missed the first test, you will now have the opportunity to take the second test (For details of these two Love Tests, see Entering the Kingdom: The Two Love Tests).

But as you read this, if you have not missed the first test, and there is yet time remaining to take the test, put all your time and effort possible into studying for this test! Do whatever it takes!

Choose You This Day

When you are confronted, and given a choice to live or die — a choice to deny Yahushua by giving allegiance to another king or kingdom, or lose your temporal life — you may then choose between the two.

Famine is not pretty. Shall we deny Yahushua, in order to eat, and live? Or, shall we hold fast to Yahushua, and not eat, in the face of death?

Shall we deny Yahushua, in order to take the mark, and buy groceries, and do business? Or, shall we hold fast to Yahushua, and refuse the mark, in the face of death?

These are the choices.

After missing the first, small harvest phase, holding fast to the Master, even in the face of temporal death, will allow entry into His Kingdom. Denying Him results in separation from the Master.

Just because you miss the first threshing, is no reason to let go of the Master. He has plans for all of His people!

Remember Shadrach, Mesach, and Abednego in the furnace. The Master was with them, and He will be with you!

A Check List

If you are a Believer, but you begin to realise you are among the Foolish Virgins, here is a running check list of items to consider.

The Believers’ Check List

  1. Come out from among them! They are the ones who have removed your Bridal veil, preventing you from entering in the first harvest phase!
  2. Seek for, and maintain close fellowship with other Believers. Seek out the overcomers, the seekers, and avoid those who are complacent.
  3. Encourage one another daily.
  4. Pray fervently for each other!
  5. Pray that Father would open your eyes, and the eyes of your companions, as in 2Kings 6:17.
  6. Pray that Father would blind the adversaries, as in 2Kings 6:18.
  7. Do NOT take the mark, for any reason. Better to sleep now, and hasten the day of reunion, than to forfeit everything eternal.
  8. As time allows, study carefully everything regarding the Bride’s Preparation and Testing. And purpose in your heart to become an Overcomer!

This list will be amended as time allows!

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“If therefore thou shalt not watch, I will come on thee as a thief,
and thou shalt not know what hour I will come upon thee.” (Rev 3:3)

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