Last-Minute Preparations: Details for the Bride

Last-Minute Preparations: Details for the Bride

The Way Prepared

Many are eagerly looking today for the Bridegroom and His messengers. Like Rebekah, many are on the lookout for the Master’s Servant to approach, having ten camels loaded with gifts and provision, and ten servants to assist in bringing the Bride to her final destination.

Rebekah was one who remained in a state of readiness, so that when the Servant came, she was ready to leave. We too, must be ready when the Servant arrives, or we may not be included in that company. In this short writing we will begin a listing of last-minute items that may not be evident at first, but must needs be done prior to the Servant’s arrival. We will add thoughts as time progresses, with the hope that we will take care of priority items first.

A Review

As a matter of review, it is assumed the Reader is indeed a Bride-Candidate, and has personally established the Scriptural basis for being among the Bride-Candidates.

The Bride-Candidate is one who has been ‘Born-Again’ — that is, one in whom the Bridegroom has been birthed, grown and matured, and who is now living within the Bride-Candidate, in fullness of Grace; and is now set-apart unto obedience to all the Ways of Yahuweh, revealed in all the Scriptures — both ‘Old’ and ‘New’ Testament writings (1Pet 1:23; 2Co 13:5; Gal 4:19; Col 1:27; 1Pet 1:2).

Those who have not seen and understood the Scriptural pre-requisites for being a Bride-Candidate should pause at this point, and read some of the basics, as discussed in The Good News! and The Way of Salvation – According to the Scriptures and The Wise and Foolish Virgins.

It is further assumed the Bride-Candidate has read the Scriptural basis for the Bride’s preparation, as seen in The Bride Makes Herself Ready and How Does the Bride Prepare?.

The many additional items that seem to escape our attention is what we must look at now. It is well worth the effort to remove and prevent the many small infractions that can occur without our notice. Hopefully this will be a checklist, as it were, to help us to maintain our readiness, especially in the realm of practical things necessary for preparation.

A Check List

Here is a running check list of last-minute, practical items, to use as a reminder:

The Bride’s Last-Minute Preparation Check List

  1. Be careful to plan, and observe, Yahushua’s Betrothal times that build up, and even identify the Bride! These include the New Covenant Passover, as well as His moedim — His Appointed Times (Wedding Rehearsals), also called (‘MY Sabbaths’).
  2. Be bold: Remove compromise from your life, and “Come out from among them!”
  3. Be bold: Speak the Good News of the Kingdom to other Believers — perhaps some may repent, and begin to walk in Father’s Ways, to become Bride-Candidates.
  4. Seek for, and maintain close fellowship with other Believers. Seek out the overcomers, the seekers, and avoid those who are complacent.
  5. For the Seekers: Have you found, and read, “The Father Seeks a Bride for His Son: Betrothal Secrets” yet? To find, one must seek!
  6. Maintain a state of owing no one anything but Love. Pay with cash, check, debit card wherever possible.
  7. Carry positive balance with credit cards, or do not use them.
  8. Return Library books, other materials not personally owned. Reconcile accounts daily or often.
  9. Give to any that ask.
  10. Give to the poor. They are representatives of the Master!
  11. Forgive all those that have wronged you in any way. The conclusion of forgiveness is to forget their wrongdoing!
  12. One eye on the calendar and the clock is acceptable, but all of one’s attention on the prophetic calendar can deprive one of proper preparation. Use the time to get R-E-A-D-Y! (Ps 90:12)
  13. Study carefully the Related Articles in the Testings & Warnings section, discussing prophetic warnings given in Scripture for the Bride’s preparation (see partial list of Related Articles, below).

This list will be amended as time allows!

Proceed to: Details for the Remaining Believers

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  • Details for the Remaining Believers – A Check List for those Believers who come to realise they are among the Foolish Virgins, and who might be unprepared when the master’s Servant comes for the Bride.

“If therefore thou shalt not watch, I will come on thee as a thief,
and thou shalt not know what hour I will come upon thee.” (Rev 3:3)

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