The Way Prepared

The Bible appears to many as a collection of historical writings. However, the Scriptures are alive with prophetic meaning for our day, and contain many hidden messages. Once a student of the Scriptures begins to learn the prophetic language of Scripture, the prophetic interpretations [the ‘now-for-today’ meanings] begin to come alive. One such example is the message of the preparation of the Bride, as she makes ready for the appearing and arrival of her Bridegroom.

The first series of messages will be directed to the Bride-Company, with the hope of adding some of the basics as time allows. The second series of messages will be presented to address the called-out ones in general, to exhort them to ‘choose wisely’ and prepare themselves for the Bridegroom’s soon return.

Our Vision

Father is now calling His redeemed people to return unto Him. He is now opening the seals on His Word, and is now revealing Messiah Yahushua as The Living Way to the Father. Both Yahushua and the apostle Paul revealed much of The Way in the form of ‘mysteries’ of the Kingdom, the foremost of which are “Messiah-in-you” the [only] hope of glory (Colossians 1:27), and the “mystery of His Will” (Ephesians 1:9).

Thus our vision is the same vision had by all of Yahushua’s talmidim, His disciples — to reveal Messiah as The Way, and to help Messiah’s people, the Born-Again, Spirit-filled Believers, to ‘prepare the Way’ within their hearts and lives.

Messiah Himself is The Way. By Messiah’s Blood alone, we have been redeemed, and set free from the bondage of sin. In this we must be fully resolved in our own mind, that our redemption is by His Blood alone, and not by our own works or effort. Father will not permit us to go on unto perfection, unto completion, until the foundation-stones of The Faith have been laid in our own life (Hebrews 6:1-3).

By the Holy Spirit we become Born-Again, whereby Messiah is ‘birthed’ within our spirit, in our innermost being. As Messiah dwells within us day by day, He gives us the Grace, the enablement, both to will, and to do of His good pleasure. Yet the choice remains with us — we must still choose whom we will serve, and whom we will obey.

As The Way, Messiah’s goal for us is love (1Tim 1:5). And so His greatest desire of us as Believers, is that we would grow up — that we would mature, and learn to allow Him-in-us to become obedient to our Heavenly Father [while living within our body], just as He did two thousand years ago [while living in His own body] (Hebrews 4:15, 5:8; 1Peter 2:21;).

According to the apostle John, it is when we become like Him in our obedience, that we become like Him in our love for Father — and in our love for others. And so it is, that when we mature in our love, that we become as He is (1John 2:5-6; 4:12, 17). It is this process of learning to abide in Him, and to walk as He walked, by which we become prepared, and made ready for Messiah, as His Bride!

And so our vision is to present Father’s Word to the Believers, as a banquet of food on a table, that they may taste for themselves and see Yahuweh’s goodness; and that many might choose to prepare themselves, as a Bride adorned for her Husband. Yet it is with the profound mystery of Father’s Grace as the centerpiece on the table, that we present the various dishes of the meat of His Word.

It is the meat given in due season, that will strengthen and encourage the Believers, that they may be able to remove the Stumbling-Blocks that have long prevented His people from walking in The Way (Isaiah 40:3; 57:14; 62:10). As the Stumbling-Blocks are identified, The Way is revealed. And as the Stumbling-Blocks are removed, The Way becomes a Living Way, a highway on which His Redeemed people return to our Father (Isaiah 44:22; 51:11).

Our Goal

The goal of this website is to present the Truths of Scripture in the same way a Restaurant presents a meal to its customers. If the meal is wholesome, nourishing, well prepared, is a good value, and is accompanied by a good aroma, the customers will come, and will return often. The prophetic word – the ‘meat in due season’ of Yahushua’s Word – when accompanied by the aroma of the Holy Spirit, will feed many.

On the other hand, this website makes no claims of exclusivity, nor is there any compulsion implied. This website is set as a smorgasbord Table, and what-you-see-is-what-you-get. One may receive, or not receive, as one so desires. Let everyone gather the manna according to his own eating, and according to his own desires. If anyone does not like the food as presented, let them pass along, and go to another Restaurant. Everyone has a different appetite, so food for one may not be appropriate for another.

The Cook is open to suggestions, however, and is willing to correct anything that is not according to the written Recipe.

Many would choose to drink spiritual milk, and eat spiritual sweets and desserts exclusively. This Cook, however, says one must first eat the broccoli and spinach, and the meat and potatoes, before the dessert can be served. Sorry! Milk is for the immature, but eating a balanced, healthy meal is the way to grow up healthy and strong, and is the only way to become mature!

Therefore if one dislikes what is written on this site, then this site is not for that one. These writings are only for those who desire them, our subscribers, and are not intended for those who do not desire to receive them.

Site Purpose

The purpose of this website is twofold. First, it is to encourage others to study the Scriptures for themselves, as did the Bereans. Father is now beginning to loose the seals on the Scriptures. If we desire to see what Father is now revealing, we must dig into the Scriptures, and read it for ourselves, to find the nuggets that come into view.

Second, it is to share with others, and then to hear responses, on the few pieces of the puzzle that have been given to me. Yahuweh seems to delight in not giving all the pieces of the puzzle of Truth to any one individual, but He does require each one of us to share our bits of truth with each other. Only as we each contribute pieces of the puzzle we have found, can the full picture of Messiah be revealed.

Use of Names

For many centuries, Believers have acquired many unscriptural traditions. One of these is the practice of changing or replacing the name of the Heavenly Father, and His Holy One, the Messiah. Today Father is bringing His people out of Captivity, and is restoring many things, including the names of the Father and the Son.

When speaking in reference to the Creator, our Heavenly Father, I do not use the traditional title “LORD” in all caps, except in quoting of Scripture passages. This is a title that was substituted by the translators, in place of His name, Yahuweh.

When speaking in reference to the Messiah, I have chosen to use His Biblical Hebrew name, and do not use the Greek name Jesus, except in quoting of Scripture passages. When a Hebrew mother gives birth to her baby, the child is not given a Greek name, but a Hebrew name. Moreover, the actual name of the Messiah is prophesied throughout the Hebrew Old Testament writings as being ‘Yahushua’ meaning “Yah is Salvation.” This Hebrew name appears as the Greek name ‘Iesus’ in the 1611 KJV and the Greek manuscripts, but was changed by the translators to ‘Jesus’ in the newer versions of the KJV, and in subsequent modern versions.

In these writings I have chosen to use His given name ‘Yahushua‘ because it is the name of Messiah clearly revealed in Torah, and the Greek name ‘Jesus’ was never His Hebrew name. For further insight to Messiah’s Biblical name, see What is His Name, and What is His Son’s Name — If You Can Tell?

“If therefore thou shalt not watch, I will come on thee as a thief,
and thou shalt not know what hour I will come upon thee.” (Rev 3:3)

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